Welcome to the Portland Elder Counseling.   We offer a great many services to older adults and their families in the Portland, Oregon metro area.    We look forward to working with you on your aging family members. 


Portland Elder Counseling

We are pleased to offer annual scholarships in graduate geriatric social work.   Our scholarship began in 2013 and is named the Sylvia O. Kindy Scholarship in Geriatric Social Work.

We provide presentations in the community on topics such as dementia, caregiving issues, elder abuse, elder abuse in dementia, and social justice for older adults in medical settings.   

We are professionals in the field of counseling and support services for older adults.   Our mission is simple: we want seniors to remain in their home and independent for as long as possible, to live free of depression, anxiety, and anticipatory grief, and for caregivers of older persons to be supported.  

Our services include counseling, case management, in-home assessments and family mediation.