Portland Elder Counseling

​​Future Speaking Engagements:

No speaking engagements planned at this time.

Past Speaking Engagements:

June 15, 2018, The Grotto, Portland, Oregon

Elder Abuse and Dementia 

Topics: Interviewing persons with Dementia regarding abuse

May 7, 2018

Dementia, Abuse and Caregiving

Sky Lakes Hospital, Klamath Falls, Oregon  

May 15, 2018,

Dementia and Capacity

Portland 911 Emergency Services

October 6-8, 2017 

18th Annual Oregon Geriatric Society Conference

Sunriver, Oregon 

Topic: Updates in Elder Abuse

5/27/2017  Cognition and Capacity for Professions and law enforcement 

4/21/2016  Multnomah County Case Managers

Topic: Capacity in Dementia

4/7/2016  Oregon Case Management Group Meeting

Topic: Capacity in Dementia

3/10/2016  Washington State University, Vancouver

Topic: Social Justice for Older Women in Acute Care Settings

6/20/2015   A Clinical Response to Elder Abuse Conference, at OHSU Hospital, Portland, OR

Topic: Social Work Assessments and Interventions in Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect

July 2015   Portland International Neuroscience Symposium

Topic: Panel on Ethics in ICU settings

9/19/2014   Portland VA Hospital

Topic: Dementia and Driving, Cooking, and Wandering and Safety Planning

8/14/2014   OHSU Neurology Noon Conference

Topic: Dementia and Caregiving

8/3/2014   Presentation to the Cascade Stoke Coordinators of Portland

Topic: Post-Stoke Patient and Mental Health and Support

7/17/2014   Portland International Neurosciences Symposium

Topic:   Panel on Moral Distress in the ICU

5/12/2014  OHSU Hospital Social Work Grand Rounds

Topic:  Dementia and Caregiving Assessments and Interventions